Even though it may be difficult to explain, this is not a photography book – although if it was one it would be excellent. Nor is it a graffiti book with big international names. The photography and the players in this book may not be the protagonists but they are here to help us understand the story better. The story of a migrant who arrived in Europe with enthusiasm, an eagerness different from those who leave their homeland to embark upon new and risky adventures, to fight for a better life. The motivation that moved the author in the late ‘90s was different: it was his passion for graffiti. Discovering the true essence of graffiti – which might be much harder to find today – was possible thanks to his efforts, struggles and perseverance. Behind the images and texts, there is a great story of friendship between people who have shared parts of this path with him. Personally conveying what he felt during that search and the fact that he continues to live these experiences makes this a wide open and living text, whose next chapter is yet to be lived and written.