Kings and jesters  
Toys and kings 
All with the same goal of satisfying our egos and trying to overcome  
Trying to overcome the stories through which many entered the world of trains.  
Trains — what can I say about them? 
A romance of years, full of many highs and lows
But like all passions, it survives  
As it renews itself and goes through Genesis: a new beginning, a fresh start. 
The world of trains is very small with very primitive rules and is very macho  
In general, things that I dislike. 
Why has this been the great passion of my life? 
I don’t know…… 
I think that the special feeling in the beginning has changed with time
Now, I think it is the power to transcend without being recognized 
Cook up unique projects simmering from the shadows,
I do not know if I am a king, a commoner, or a buffon in this world
The only thing I know is that
Everything I do, I give all of myself: not to be perfect, but to be unique… 
This for me is more important than money  
I am a compulsive generator of ideas, I spend the day thinking about how to evolve  
Evolve my goal of transcending within a monarchy that  
I love and hate at the same time.  
We all try to be consequential in our lives 
But in the end we all have contradictions 
And this is the biggest that I have.  
Love and hate at the same time. 
Love and hate at the same time. 
I still don’t understand it !!!! 
I believe that the most important thing is to enjoy what we do
That is the true pleasure of life. 


Have a dream
Buy a ticket
Take a plane
Get searched in JFK
Rent a car
Visit spots listening to DITC’s Best Behavior
Buy sprays in disguise in Manhattan for $9
Be discreet 24/7
Graze the PATH that Brian Donnelly comes from
Find a bug in the system and take advantage of it
Grab a bag, your camera and bolt cutters 
Go make your mark


Because I need it!!
Because it makes me feel alive!
Because it allows me to numb my deepest pains
Why must I prove to myself that I am capable?
Because I want to differentiate myself from others and make my own way
Because it is a human instinct to want to be unique
Because being unique to me is better than trying to be perfect my whole fucking life 
Because I want to be able to see that photo at home, show it to my closest friends, and feed my writer’s Ego a little bit
Because I want to be able to see it again and again and again and thus be able to transport myself to the moment of that mission, where I felt afraid. A fear that I like. That fear that makes me value my life, the things that I have achieved, and with the people around me. That fear that makes me even more afraid of losing them, makes me value who I am

Fear of getting into trouble with Joe Blow or his successor in Brooklyn
Fear that a simple Google search will bring up my face

Fear of losing my anonymity
Fear of losing my graffiti

Fear is something that is not often talked about in Train Graffiti but it is something that we have all felt at some point and we have overcome in some way…but for what?

To fulfill our dreams and get away from undesirable frustration.

Hamburg 2019

A city witness to millions of stories
about graffti on trains over decades.

A city’s trainyards where anything
can happen to you, from love to
hate in a matter of seconds.
A city where some of the best writers
in Europe reside.
A city in which you take a picture
of the front of a train where Edward
Nightingale and MosesTM pose
for you, leaving you with a
souvenir of a special moment.
A city where I have a good friend
who always carries a hammer.

A city that I want to return to.