My Mood Board Map 2022
Alonso Alcalde

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My Mood Board Map is my first step in the odyssey of creating my second book. The form is a classic NYC subway map. All the pictures and artworks are things that inspire me such as collages, photography, trainwriting and architecture as well as my friends who are accomplices in most of my adventures. Also you find in it a text where I describe and comment the reasons why I want to make another mega project.
I hope you like it.


Format: Folded: 10×22 cm, Open: 100×66 cm.

Language: English

Writers: Aiver, Cola, Mister, Vino, Week, Glue, Rukus, Flaka, Wamos, Osman, Edward Nightingale, Vents 137, Fcat.

Citys: Sydney, Chicago, Zurich, Barcelona, Lisbon, Warsaw, Stuttgart, Vienna, Los Angeles,

Copenhagen, Newcastle, Istanbul

Paper: Cyclus 90 grs.
Typography: Routine

Manufactured in Catalunya
Worldwide shipping